Govtechlab Madrid, at South Summit 2023

The eleventh edition of South Summit Madrid was held between 7th and 9th June at La Nave. It is the largest entrepreneurship fair in southern Europe, bringing together startups, investors and large companies, and is supported by the Community of Madrid.

An international event where entrepreneurship, innovation, social impact, talent and investment and growth opportunities were discussed. Govtechlab Madrid had the opportunity to be present at the event thanks to a panel organised by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d on new programmes aimed at strengthening the innovation ecosystem in the Community of Madrid.

The panel attracted a large number of interested people and was moderated by Federico Morán, director of the Foundation. Speakers included Ana Cremades, Director General of Research and Technological Innovation, who highlighted the value of the public-private Clusters of Technological Innovation and Talent (CITT) of the Community of Madrid; Jesús Rojo, Head of the Technology Transfer and European Programmes Area of the Foundation, who spoke about the designation of Madrid by the European Commission as an innovation hub of the continent: European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH); Lucía Errandonea, coordinator of the Govtechlab Madrid project; and Eduardo Díaz, head of the Foundation’s Technology-Based Entrepreneur Area, who reviewed the general state of the startup ecosystem in the region.

Govtechlab Madrid made it clear at South Summit that all participants in the lab have something to gain. While municipalities develop a new vision and new opportunities for the development of innovative projects, startups open up a new market. The aim of Govtechlab Madrid is threefold. On the one hand, to foster the new public-private relationships necessary for the economic development and welfare of the region. On the other hand, to promote a new way of doing and working with the Madrid entrepreneurial ecosystem. Finally, to provide solutions to specific problems of the municipalities by opening up the market of digital providers. This is the only way to access a more open, diverse and competitive offer, resulting in greater well-being for citizens.

Govtechlab Madrid is a project led by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d