A laboratory from which we bring the innovation generated by startups, scaleups and digital SMEs to the challenges of Madrid’s public institutions.

Govtechlab Madrid is a project led by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d


Govtechlab Madrid goes global

3 th August of 2023
The presence in these events is proving to be key for the positioning of Govtechlab Madrid at an international level. In addition to providing visibility to the lab, it allows us to establish relationships with key players such as other govtech labs, international organisations or digital companies. A valuable opportunity to share experiences, success stories […]

What is
Govtechlab Madrid

Since 2019, Govtechlab Madrid supports the creation and growth of startups, scaleups and digital SMEs to generate an ecosystem where technological innovation helps to improve the efficiency of institutions, councils and municipalities of the Community of Madrid.

To achieve this, Govtechlab Madrid is built on four components:

Govtech challenge lab

Each year we will develop at least five challenges based on open innovation. We will identify the best solutions and pilot the most promising projects.

Govtech Academy

Training activities that complement the practical experience for participants, both for startups and city councils.

Open work

Many of the results and conclusions we obtain will be disseminated, so that they can be used to develop more innovative solutions and define new challenges.

Innovative ecosystem

We give life to a Madrid govtech ecosystem that already has 70 interconnected actors. In addition, we will promote this ecosystem to bring it closer to the world’s leading govtech labs.

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Govtech lab phases

In order to respond to the new demands that citizens place on public administrations, collaboration between the public and private sectors is necessary. The way to achieve this is a new working methodology that fosters innovation, transparency, measurement of results and dissemination. That methodology is open innovation.

Open innovation has five phases:

Identifying challenges


A challenge is an objective that must meet three requirements to be considered as such: it must improve people’s lives, it must be achievable through a technological solution and it must be measurable, which will facilitate experimentation, scalability and optimisation.

Communicating the challenge


With the challenge defined, the Community of Madrid opens the participation period for startups to contribute their best innovative solutions. Startups, scaleups and digital SMEs come into play, as do universities, technology and research centres, incubators… The govtech ecosystem is buzzing with activity.

Knowledge sharing between the public and private sectors


Digital start-ups with the most promising technological solutions meet with teams from public institutions to share their knowledge. One brings digital talent and the other brings experience and know-how. Thanks to this exchange, solutions are fine-tuned and enriched, and the most promising ones stand out from the rest.

Piloting the best idea


The chosen project is given a new impetus and must demonstrate that it has the potential to have a positive impact on society: it must improve people’s lives, facilitate the work of municipal teams, be user-friendly and sustainable.

Spreading the challenge solution


Once the pilot has delivered on its promise, it is time to share this success story so that it can be used by other administrations. Thanks to all the previous sharing and experimentation process, there is enough information to replicate this technological solution in other contexts, either to solve a challenge or even to inspire new ones.

Opportunities for Public Administrations

The virtuous circle of open innovation offers important advantages for public institutions and city councils that actively participate in the govtech environment.

Access to more dynamic and flexible working methodologies, which are common among startups.

Contribute their point of view and experience to solve challenges related to citizenship and municipal services.

Test innovative solutions in controlled and measurable environments before scaling and developing them.

Test the most innovative technological environment to adapt and modernise current and future regulations.

Opportunities for digital companies

Digital startups, scaleups and SMEs are at the heart of the govtech environment. They bring their ideas, dynamism and experience, and keep alive an ecosystem full of opportunities:

Access to different sources of funding, both private (investors) and public or semi-public (research centres and universities).

Direct contact with public institutions, which allows them to know what they are looking for when they ask for a technological solution.

Participation in a dynamic and innovative environment that is already writing (in code) what the future will be like.

For startups, scaleups and digital SMEs, but also for public entities and city councils. If you want to join Govtechlab Madrid or want to receive more information, leave us your details and we will contact you.